Fire Alarm Systems
We make code compliance and configuration easy with the seamless support of matched, UL-cross-listed systems. All our products are UL and ULC-listed. We use smoke detectors that more accurately detect all types of fires for performance superior to previous photoelectric detectors. Detectors can be installed that come in attractive, low-profile, baseless units with dual LEDs for 360° visibility. To learn more, contact us.

(FireLite Alarms)

Security Access Systems
We use leading edge, state-of-the-art security systems that provide outstanding security functions throughout the world, in large government facilities as well as small private businesses. We offer the widest range of innovative Access Control hardware and software. Systems can be configured in the most flexible, convenient and cost-effective manner. Visit ELK Products and check out the "Video tour"    Or to learn more, contact us.

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Sensors of all types
From passive infrared to motion detecting, we install units that perform reliably and look unobtrusive. Only the best sensors are used providing maximum detection and ease of use. All sensors are matched by our experts to perform in each unique situation. To learn more, contact us.

(Napco Security Group)

Burglary Alarm Systems
From decorator keypads which complement your decor to wireless remotes, Northeast has it covered. We can install keypads with
large "Soft Touch" backlit keys and backlit displays for easy reading and intuitive system use. Some units have three programmable keypad panic keys (F, P, A) for fire, police or aux. with built-in fingertip enduser reference chart in case you forget. To learn more, contact us.

(Napco Security Group)
Digital/Wireless Locks
Imagine never fumbling for your keys! Inquire about our secure Digital and Wireless locks. Clutch mechanisms offers long-lasting performance and exceptional strength, fully programmable, 12-digit metal keypads, remote override or key bypass capability. Available in four finishes: polished brass, antique brass, polished chrome, and satin chrome. To learn more, contact us.

(Napco Security Group)

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