• All models offer 10 One-Touch Speed Dial Keys, Dual Color Red/Green LED's, Voice Over and built-in Speakerphone.
  • All 2-line display models feature 4 Interactive Soft Keys for intuitive, automated feature operation.
  • A 24- or 110-Button Direct Station Selection for answering positions.

NEC's DSX Systems provides the speed and efficiency of modern communications systems for today's small business applications.

Increased Sales for You

Hold Recall, Transfer Recall and Park Recall prevent "lost calls" which often translate as "lost sales." You may be able to save a "lost sale" with Caller ID Logging which lets you see a list of unanswered calls and automatically redial those numbers.

Enhanced Service to your Customers

Call Coverage keys speed the answer of incoming calls. Built-in paging through the phones finds the called party quickly. Call Park lets the called party "Pick Up" the call from anywhere in the building. And Caller ID Callback speeds a return call when necessary.

Increased Security

Door boxes can be used to answer doors, verify the identity of the party and release a lock to allow entry for deliveries. Forced and Verified Account Codes prevents long distance calls by unauthorized personnel.

Increased Productivity

User Programmable features such as Speed Dial and Distinctive Ringing let YOU customize the way your system works. A speakerphone for full hands free operation is built into each phone and a calendar and clock are standard with all display sets. Last Number Redial as well as Camp On and Callback all help relieve busy signal frustration.

Reduced Costs

Flexible 10 digit and 1+10 digit Toll Restriction helps prevent unnecessary and expensive long distance charges. Caller ID is a standard feature and expansion or additions are accomplished with minimal expense.

Faster Decision Making

Caller ID lets you screen the call before you've even answered by telling you the calling party number and name (if provided) before you've even answered. Caller ID log. Soft keys that change depending upon call status speed call processing.

For more information visit NEC's DSX Phone System web site. Or, contact the experts at Northeast Security. We are an official NEC America, Inc. Channel Reseller.

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